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What Is Screen Printing?

It is a modern printing technique that transfers a print or design on a flat surface by pressing ink into a mesh. It is a versatile printing process used in different industries to decorate various materials, including canvas, banners, apparel, promotional items, brochures, and many more.

In the production of custom t-shirts, screen printing is the most popular technique than any other printing method. It is also known as Silk-Screen, Serigraphy, Screen, or Serigraph printing. Screen printing is helpful because of the following benefits.

  • It is a versatile printing technique, and you can also get prints on glass, wood, plastic, and metal other than the commonly used surfaces, including fabric and paper.
  • You can achieve various intense colored designs on both light and dark-colored fabrics.
  • It can replicate the procedure many times, so using it commercially for large printing orders is better.
  • The prints are durable and long-lasting. It is different from vinyl prints which last for many years. However, the screen prints will remain fresh throughout the entire life of your shirt. 

The Process Of Screen Printing

Screen printing is the right t shirt design choice due to its versatility, innovation, and excellent outcomes. The technique allows to transformation of various artwork, graphics, and prints on long-lasting fabrics that do not wash and fade away with time. To complete the procedure, we follow these steps:

Design Creation

Creating the design digitally or by hand that needs to be printed on the fabric.

Screen Preparation

A screen is prepared, often made of nylon or polyester, and stretched over a frame.

Exposing The Screen

The prepared screen is then exposed to UV light by placing it in special equipment to solidify the design on the shirt surface.  

Washing Out

After being exposed to the light, the screen is washed out with water that leaves behind the actual design while eliminating unnecessary emulsions.

Setting Up

The printing press then holds the prepared piece firmly in place. Later on, the material to be printed is put on a mobile platform that is part of the printing press.

Ink Application

Ink is then applied on the top edge of the screen and then the ink is pulled out by using special tools. For multi-color designing, each color is set on a separate screen and the material is run through the press of every color. Different inks are used for screen printing, i.e Plastisol & Water-based Ink. Learn more about puff printing.

Drying And Finishing

After the design is printed, the material is dried up using UV light and heat. Additional processes such as heat setting and more to enhance the print durability may follow the drying process.

Which Inks Are Used For Screen Printing?

To create vibrant, long-lasting, and captivating prints on t-shirts, screen printing uses different types of inks. Mostly, water-based inks are preferred for screen prints due to their excellent appearance, color vibrancy and eco-friendliness. Here are the widely used inks used for this process!

Water-based inks: Eco-friendly and soft feel on fabrics.

Plastisol inks: Durable, bold colors, and raised textures.

Discharge inks: Vintage and soft prints mostly on dark fabrics.

UV-curable inks: Vibrant prints with fast production speeds and quick drying.

Screen Printing For Events

Screen printing is an incredible choice when it comes to showing unique identities and personalities on special events including sports, corporate occasions and more. These shirts are highly customizable in many ways to reflect your preferences while giving you a standout position in special events. Screen printing is super popular for special event outfits and shirts. We also provide live screen printing for events. Screen printinh is popular for events because of the following reasons:

  • Unlimited customization
  • Group glam
  • Vibrancy
  • Team spirit and unity
  • Memorable       
  • Durable & Smooth
  • Exclusive feel

Screen Printing For Promotional Printing

Imagine that want your target audience to know about your amazing product, service, or event. How do you create a buzz? Screen printing makes it easy for you by offering a lot of promotional opportunities. You can customize the shirts and outfits by using screen printing technique to give a touch of branding and personalization. It makes your brand stand out while promoting your business in the competitive marketplace. Here is what makes screen printing the best way to go for your promotional outfits.

  • Branding brilliance
  • Eye-catching prints and colors
  • Attracting customers
  • High-quality and durability
  • Cost-effect
  • Eco-friendly

How To Submit Us Your Design For Screen Printing?

As screen printing offers unlimited customization options, you can submit your design to the designing firm in the following way:

  • Use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create graphics and artwork
  • Use vector files for scalable and crisp images
  • Maintain high resolution
  • Include a mockup
  • Indicate the number of items
  • Specify the colors and fabric type
  • Add special instructions
  • Discuss your preferences and designs

Why Choose Us For Screen Printing In Dallas?

Our company stands prominent when it comes to screen printing Dallas as we have the required expertise, resources, and skills to produce something exceptional. Whether you want screen printed promotional outfits, casual wear, sports outfits, or any other, we have got you covered. We work with excellence to attain full customer satisfaction However, you are available with unlimited customization options with us.

Our seamless blending of cutting-edge technology and high-end craftsmanship is what makes us the preferred option. We aim to fulfill your vision, which goes beyond simple printing. Our commitment to excellence extends to every step of the procedure, from discussing with clients their screen printing Dallas preferences to producing outcomes that stand up on their own. To place an order contact us. 


What Kind Of T-Shirts Are Suitable For Screen Printing?

Cotton shirts are the best because they absorb the colors and finish delicate and smooth. Synthetic fiber shirts blended with the cotton or polyester shirts are also suitable for screen printing.

How Long Does A Screen-Printed Shirt Last?

If screen-printed shirts properly care for, they do not fade. In screen printing, colors penetrate the substrate and dry correctly before use. They remain fresh even after 40 -50 washings.

Why Should I Choose Printing For My Custom Shirt Instead Of Direct To Garment Or Heat Transfer Vinyl?

The screen printing technique differs from DTG and Heat transfer Vinyle as it helps produce printed t-shirts in bulk, whereas in DTG and Heat transfer method, one shirt can be printed at once for best results. 

What Kind Of Shirts Do You Print Through Screen Printing?

We offer flexibility in your selection by screen printing on a range of t-shirt materials, including cotton, polyester, and blends. 

How Long Does A Screen-Printed Shirt Last?

Screen prints are durable and long-lasting compared to other printing options making it a reliable choice.

What Is The Minimum Order I Can Place For Screen Printing?

At Dallas Shirt Printing we take a minimum order of 12 shirts.

Which Fabric Is Best For Screen Printing?

Cotton and cotton blends are considered to be the best fabrics for screen prints.