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Puff Printing On Fabrics

A popular fabric printing technique nowadays is puff printing which uses plastisol-based puff ink to get prints on fabrics. Puff ink is prepared after adding a heat-reactive foaming additive to plastisol.

It gives a 3-dimensional look to the fabric print and an excellent, super soft marshmallow-type feel, leaving your material beautifully organized and professionally printed.

The puff printing suits custom t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts made of cotton, polyester, blended fabric, spandex, denim and fleece. You can prepare a single puff design or incorporate screen printing with puff printing to make your stuff more attractive and alluring.


The Process Of Puff Printing 

The entire procedure is similar to that of the standard screen printing technique except for the use of puff ink and the final pop-up outlook of the apparel. Below are the puff printing process steps to help you understand how and where you can get prints of such unique designs.

  • Puff printing favors wide shapes, letters or designs because of enough space for the puff ink to settle after processing. As the ink expands during the printing process, small or narrow lines do not support, resulting in the merging of final prints. 
  • Once the design is final, the next step is to prepare the stencil or screen for puff printing. 
  • Puff ink is not an actual ink but an additive that can expand on heating. It is mixed in plastisol of any color in a 5-15 % ratio to get a plastisol-based ink.
  • During printing, pouring enough puff ink on the screen ensures the proper filling of text or quotes.
  • After printing the shirts, the drying procedure (320 Fahrenheit) helps wet oil-based ink to expand, resulting in a swollen, soft and silky puffy print.


  • Popular and durable printing 
  • Fast printing technique
  • Suitable for large-size texts, cliparts or designs
  • Less expensive for large orders
  • You can prepare soft and shiny prints in many colors.
  • It favors most types of fabrics.
  • You can use it along with other screen printing techniques
  • The color may change slightly during puffing, and the final prints differ from the original prints.


  • Tumble drying is not allowed.
  • Aftercare is needed to avoid cracking or fading.
  • It is not suitable for small detailed prints.
  • For one or two shirts, it can be expensive.
  • Ironing the shirts can damage the puffiness.

Wholesale Puff Printing On Demand In Dallas

We offer high-quality puff print custom shirts. We collect large orders and engage highly skilled professionals to complete your work more precisely and perfectly. We always care about our customer’s choices, so consult our experts to order your favorite design for puff print shirts.

We use premium fabric for custom t-shirts and good quality puff ink to get innovative puffy prints for teams, families or promotional events. Upon receiving the order, our experts create and apply the design on the t-shirts. You can use our fabric designs to make changes according to your choice by adding numbers or names to personalize your puff t-shirts.

For large orders, we offer wholesale rates and discount offers. The pricing depends on the order size, the fabric type and prints. We promise to deliver the order in-time.