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What is Live Screen Printing?

Live Screen printing is a popular and innovative method of decorating and printing the substrate on-site. Ink is dropped over the design and pressed with a rubber blade to allow the ink to pass through the porous part of the prepared stencil. 

Generally, it is the live printing of t-shirts, cards, banners, company logos, tote bags, sheets, or screen printing of many other non-fabric products like metal, cardboard, and ceramics. Getting a one-color or multi-colored screen print on the desired substrate is a fantastic opportunity. The live t-shirt printing method is famous worldwide. Below are some benefits of on-site screen printing.

  • Whether it is a family reunion, a trade show, a product launch, a sports day, a concert, a premiere show, a convention, a festival, or a conference, it grabs the audience’s attention and engages them for a long time.
  • People love to customize their shirts with different designs and colours. 
  • Because versatile shirts are printed in bulk, the cost is reasonable. 
  • It helps promote your brand and market your products and services to increase output.
  • Branding is much more accessible through event t-shirt printing.

Experience The Best On-Site Printing Event

You can organise an event to experience the custom prints on your favorite objects live. A specialised group of printers make the event successful, whether it is a family reunion, a sports day, a seminar or a brand promotional event. The audience enjoys the event and keeps it remembered for days, as playing with colours and physically watching the printing process is more fun and easy on pockets.

Live Screen Printing By Dallas Shirt Printing

We provide a reliable live screen printing service for events. Our experienced team helps you give your idea a modern and acceptable shape. We allow customers to get practical quality screen prints on caps, bags, t-shirts, and banners and enjoy the session. 

If you are a Dallas resident and want the best of this live screen printing, you must officially contact Dallas Shirt Printing and submit your request. Below is the step-wise guide for the customers.

Planning For The T-Shirt Screen Printing Design 

When you request an event t-shirt screen printing, our skilled staff meets with you to decide the type of design, number of shirts, printing method, and color scheme; the company officials finalize the customisation of t-shirts with a specific print. It is essential to get ready on the spot without wasting time. 

Set-Up Screen Printers On The Site

Before the event day, your design is ready with our staff, reaching on the spot at least 2 hours before the occasion. Our team will respond to arrange ink, t-shirts to be printed, screen printer, generator, or any additional designs and colors required.

Holding On-Site Screen Printing

You can place orders from anywhere in the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our mobile team holds the whole day of screen printing which is more like fun and communication with different brands. 

We aim to provide the best quality printing methods and customised t-shirts with bright prints that last long and do not fade even after washing. Hence live screen printing is popular for t-shirts to expand your message as far as you can via screen prints. We promise to satisfy our customers with its best printing methods at a reasonable cost, making it different from other screen printing services.