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Custom Facemask Printing

Nowadays, face mask printing is popular. It provides the best platform for an organization, business, individual, or company to promote their brands, supporting a team, game, or any personality via beautiful and creative printed face masks. The slogan, image, famous quote, or graphic is designed to personalize the face mask.

Make Your Personalized Face Masks.

Creativity makes the face masks unique, so you can create your symbol, graphic, verse, sign, or logo for your team or business. Face mask personalization starts with creating an impressive design on paper, selecting the proper fabric, collecting the designing materials, and using printing.

You can create your personalized face masks with little effort. Make your graphics on paper or get our help and use our extraordinary templates for custom designs.

Why Is A Facemask Essential?

A face mask, usually composed of cotton fabric, polyester, or cotton blends, is used to adequately cover the mouth and nose to reduce the spread of airborne infectious materials. As one of the preventive measures to control contagious diseases, face mask gets immense importance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It protects the wearer as well as others surrounding him. The selection of face masks depends on your need, style, comfort, breathability, and quality. It varies according to your choice.

Custom Facemasks By Dallas Shirt Printing

We believe in quality and customer satisfaction, so we always focus on printing the best quality face masks with our appealing and colorful prints using the best printing technique. Dye sublimation, screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, and DTG are our standard printing techniques. 

If you are interested, book your order, submit your creative design, or use our custom design on your favorite fabric, and we will prepare it within 3-7 days, no matter how small or large your order is. Here are a few other specialties which make us different service providers in the Dallas printing industry.

Colored Facemask Prints

For any occasion, including family reunion, fundraising for school, cheerleading, or any other special celebration, colored facemasks prints are famous. We also offer 3-ply polyester and cotton face masks with full-color 3-D designs in all small, medium, and large sizes (fits well for children up to 8 and adults).

Same-Day Facemask Printing

We are available to prepare colorful, fancy, and casual face mask prints on your preferred fabric on an urgent basis. Our experts can print large same-day orders to their total capacity with great care. We use premium quality fabric which is breathable, comfy, and durable.


What is dye-sublimation?

Dye Sublimation is a full-color printing technique to convert any image or design on the facemasks using fabric ink that turns into gas on heating. The gas penetrates the fibers of the printed area on a face mask and looks perfect and smooth on cooling.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Usually, we take 3-7 days to finalize the entire order, depending upon the mask’s fabric, printing methods, color selection, and the order size. However, if you need, we can offer same-day printing service.

How long can I use a printed face mask?

We use better best printing techniques, quality fabric colors, and premium quality fabric for face masks. Therefore, the prints are long-lasting, and you can use them for as long as you like.