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Needlework for decorating the fabric with various patterns and designs is trendy. Embroidery is an effective technique to improve the aesthetic appearance of the fabric. Generally, embroidery is the art of finishing texture with the help of needle and thread.

Almost every type of fabric can be subjected to embroidery. Machines produce custom embroidery shirts, polo shirts, golf shirts, caps, logos, covers, badges, and coats. Polyester thread is the best embroidery thread because of its professional look, durability, sharpness, and anti-fade characteristics, even after repetitive washings.


We Are Experts In Custom Embroidery Dallas

If you are interested in embroidery attire and other merchandising products, we are here to serve you at our best. In Dallas, TX, we are the best in doing custom embroidery to help you better portray your idea of imprinting colorful yarns on fabric. It is a complex process holding digitization and mechanization processes. Here is the stepwise guide to getting our embroidery services in Dallas, TX. 

Step-1: Setting Up Price

Depending upon your design, no of products to be embroidered, the size of the logo or design, or the embroidery patch, our experts estimate the price quote and send it to you via email. Upon your approval, we confirm your embroidery plan. 

Step-2: Finalizing Your Design

Our experts put your design/logo on the shirt and prepare artwork to show you the visual appearance of that custom design in the form of an image. If you accept the size of the embroidered area on a material, we will confirm your order and continue processing.

Step-3: Digitization

Machines are used to embroider the material. Not all embroidery machines support every design e.g. standard image files like PNG and JPEG. It is necessary to convert the image into a file that is readable to an embroidery machine; so that the embroidery design can be imprinted easily on the material. 

We charge about $25 for the digitization process of a single design. It is a one-time fee; if you order the same embroidery design again, it will be free of cost because the digital image is saved. We put extra charges for any additional changes to the same design.

Step-4: Mechanisation

After your approval and fee submission, we process the file and get the ordered material embroidered. The entire process takes 3-5 working days. We deliver your order or you can receive Dallas shirts online.

The Benefits Of Embroidery

Here we discuss several benefits of embroidery items that positively impact you.

  • The colorful threads used in embroidery give a soothing feel. With advanced technology, you can bring your favorite colors into embroidery. 
  • Its colorful impact and various designs promote joy, peace, and happiness.
  • Embroidery art satisfies your mental work and releases anxiety leading to depression.
  • Through embroidery, you can decorate your home with new ideas.
  • Custom shirts with logos help introduce the relevant brand to as many as you can.
  • Easy recognition is possible through embroidered logos.

Uses Of Embroidery

In this digital era, embroidery is used on various items. Below are a few uses of embroidery;

  • You can personalize your materials (dress, caps, scarf) with your name imprints with the help of colorful yarn. Monogram with a name is frequently used.
  • Customization of belonging with machine embroidery using colorful threads. You can embroider bags, shirts, caps, scarves, jackets, towels, kid’s accessories, covers, badges, socks, and other daily-use items on demand.
  • Embroidered company logos and symbols on game shirts and uniforms give them a professional look.
  • Custom Luggage Tags and badges with embroidery are also widespread.

Experience A True Sense Of Embroidery With US

Modern technology and embroidery skills help us decorate the fabric with new ideas. You can book your order to have the following products ready with good-quality threads. 

Business T-Shirts

Decorating the t-shirts with logos, symbols, or monograms helps you promote your business extensively. Select the logo, color scheme, how many shirts are required, and the brand or material of the shirts, either cotton or polyester. We will produce the best quality men, women, and kids’ embroidered shirts.

Embroidery On Hats

Custom embroidered hats with logos, symbols, or company monograms are popular worldwide to show harmony among employees and unity among the pliers of a team to promote. We provide customized embroidery services on all kinds of hats at a reasonable cost for branding, promotional purposes, and celebrating a family reunion.

Custom And Specialty Items

If you are looking for other embroidered items for fun, we are here to help you produce different items. Your belongings, like bags, scarves, covers, and wall hangings, can be decorated with colorful thread on demand. You can order your idea of decorating specialty items; we will put our efforts into bringing it to new life.


What is the best fabric for embroidery?

Cotton, linen, silk, and wool are considered best for embroidery because these are tightly woven fabrics creating stable surface that is perfect for embroidery.

How long does it take to do embroidery on shirts?

Dallas Shirt Printing completes your order within 3 to 5 business days. 

What if I already have a digitized Logo?

Then you don’t have to pay the fee for the digitization of the logo which is $25.  Just send us the digitized file and we will start working if it is compatible with our machine.

What is your minimum order requirement for embroidery?

For embroidery, we accept as few as 1 item for you. But the price varies according to the number of items you order. 

Can do you embroidery on customers’ items?

Yes, you can provide us your own items aswell.