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Direct to film printing 

 In the ever-evolving printing world, direct to film printing service has emerged as a game-changer. This t shirt printing method offers an efficient way to transfer digital designs, patterns, and artwork on fabrics. This technique uses advanced techniques and approaches to make intricate, vibrant and long-lasting designs on different fabrics, especially on t-shirts. 

The process is gaining high appreciation because of its diversity, innovation and versatility. Besides, DTF prints are more vibrant, captivating and durable that does not easily fade away like other printing methods. 

We are pioneers in providing high-end dft printing services. You can get your fabrics and shirt printed in fascinating patterns and artwork with us to showcase your unique personality and style. We print t-shirts and other fabrics using the best dtf printing techniques and tools for high customer satisfaction. 


What Is Direct-To-Film Printing?

DTF printing is a technique that lets you print digital designs directly onto fabrics using advanced tools, printers and techniques. It includes the usage of PET film along with water-based inks and special powder adhesives to produce prints. 

This t shirt printing method allows unlimited customization and design possibilities to give your fabrics a unique outlook. DTF printing ensures that the most intricate designs are perfectly transferred on the fabrics with accuracy, vibrancy, and excellence. This technique lets you go as creative with your shirts and clothes as possible. 

What Is The Process Of Direct To Film Printing?

Direct to film printing is a revolutionary t shirt printing method that allows you to customize your clothes in catchy artwork and patterns. This method involves the direct printing of digital designs onto the fabric that are visually appealing, long-lasting, vibrant, and accurate. Compared to other t shirt printing techniques, dtf has set itself apart due to its design possibilities and accuracy. 

We use the best approach, tools and techniques to create dtf printed shirts and fabrics that surpass the client’s expectations. The expert designers are dedicated to working with excellence and innovation to print every single fabric in a way that showcases your unique personality while foresting uniqueness. The company uses the following steps during the direct to film printing procedure:

  •  Powder Adhesive and PET film preparation to create digital designs 
  • Pre-pressing the fabric to transfer the design on the fabric by using the heat press for 15 to 20 seconds   
  • After the design is transferred on the fabric, the cold peel is successfully removed.
  • The designed fabric is then flattened in the heat press for the second time to increase the durability and fineness 
  • After post-pressing, the product is ready to be packed and shipped

What Are The Pros And Cons Of DTF Printing?

DTF printing is undoubtedly one of the best t-shirt printing techniques allowing unlimited design possibilities. However, like all other methods, it has advantages, disadvantages, and considerations. Let’s delve into the key pros and cons of direct to fil printing to understand how it can elevate your fabric customization game and its limitations.

DTF Printing Pros 

  • Detailed, vibrant and accurate designs 
  • Versatile printing technique, adaptable for multiple fabrics 
  • Long-lasting and durable prints 
  •  A lot of customization opportunities 
  • You can use unlimited colors and patterns 
  • Environmental friendly printing technique 
  • Low-cost printing 

DTF Printing Cons 

  • By touching the fabric, you can feel the prints as they are a bit enhanced 
  • Less vivid in terms of color depth 
  • Initial investment and setup may be costly 

How To Provide Your Order For DTF Printing?

We offer ease and convenience when it comes to offering dtf printing orders. To place your order, send us the design sample as eps, ps, pdf, bmp, tif, jpg, png, or psd. The design should be clear, along with the color details. You can also choose from our design templates, which offer many design and printing possibilities. 

The minimum order we take is 12 shirts. After reviewing your provided design, we will communicate with you to discuss the expected outcomes, limitations, and other details to deliver 100% satisfactory outcomes. We ensure timely order fulfilment and delivery. 

DTF Printing Or DTG Printing, Which Is Better?

DTG, also known as direct-to-garment printing, uses spray to print shirts and fabrics. However, a pre-treatment solution is applied to the fabric before spraying a particular substance to originate prints and artwork. 

On the other hand, DTF printing uses PET inks, powder adhesives, heat, and special printers to design fabrics. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages; however, DTF is a more advanced, long-term, and versatile t-shirt printing method. As DTF works best on cotton fabrics, DTF can be done on any type of fabric. Besides, dtf prints are eco-friendly, durable, vivid and accurate as compared to DTG making it a more reliable t shirt printing technique. 

Why Choose Us For DTF Printing?

Direct to film printing service is a great choice for designing that includes intricate details and innovative elements. Besides, this method is suitable for a variety of fabrics to produce vibrant and captivating designs that are resilient and sleek.

If you are interested to get dtf shirts for your brand, dtf shirts for events, sports or any other purpose, Dallas shirt printing is your one stop destination. We have expertise in crafting creative dtf printed shirts by using state of the art techniques and tools.

You can ask us to create any custom design on shirts as we have all the resources and expertise to transform your ideas into reality. However, the prints we create are long-lasting, vibrant and catchy that give fabrics a unique appearance. Place your order now in bulk at the best price!


What is the minimum order I can place? 

The minimum order Dallas shirt printing accepts is of 12 shirts. 

Which Fabric Is Best For DTF Printing?

DTF is a versatile and innovative printing technique that can be applied on a variety of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, performance fabric, and more.

How Long Does Dtf Printing Last? 

DTF printing ensures long-lasting results and produces vibrant colors and sharp details that do not fade away with regular and careful washing. 

What Kind Of T Shirts Can You Dtf Print On?

DTF printing can be done on a variety of shirts, including sportswear, performance outfits, regular wear, workout shirts, shirts for special events and more.